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How will a DUI affect my auto insurance?

If you’re a first time DUI offender, in most cases your auto insurer can cancel your policy at any time, although some states require them to wait until your policy expires before issuing a non-renewal notice.

Many insurers regard DUI offenders as an unacceptable risk. Most insurers that are willing to provide DUI Insurance to DUI offenders will charge them significantly higher rates.

However, at National General Insurance we know that drivers who have completed Safe Driving and Substance Abuse Therapy programs have learned to be safer drivers. That’s why we provide first-class auto coverage for first time DUI offenders. So get a quote now!

First time DUI offenders will most likely have to file an SR-22 (or FR-44) Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form showing that they have the proper amount of auto insurance. Our friendly experts will handle this requirement for you so you don’t have to worry.

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First time DUI offenders may be tempted to sacrifice quality service and select less coverage than they normally would. This could result in even more problems down the road.

National General Insurance will give you the affordable and high-quality coverage that your deserve, so get a quote now!

Once you buy a policy, we will file the SR-22 form with your state licensing authority on your behalf if necessary.

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